How to prepare yourself to make a website in 2017


Before you build a website, it is important learn from professionals or those who have succeeded in making a website successful. You can contact your friends or experts in website building. You can choose someone who is WordPress expert or then just get in touch with a web designer. In Australia  there is a budding website building industry but the  top web-hosting companies have more presence in the USA.



The Essential steps to making a website

The following are steps on how you prepare yourself to make a website:

Domain name

Choose the domain name for your website. Find the one that is available.if it is taken, find another one. You can choose for eg, if you are starting a wordpress website help website it could be named if it is available.

If it is already taken, you can add something unique to make available. You can use .biz, .net, .us and many others. But if you are not so sure use the .com.

You can research more on how to secure your domain name or ask those who have made it successfully.

If you don’t pick the available domain name immediately, it may be taken by someone else. Or by the time you come back for it, it will be more expensive.

Hosting in 2017

Hosting is super important, because it is the backbone of your website and if your host slows down your website and if their server has continuous problems and downtime then its not good for your website.  You can read a  good review of hosting  companies  for Australia and US over here ->  Best Web-hosting for Australia May 2017 Comparisons Reviews . It will hep you choose a good hosting in 2017  to start a blog or website.


Who are your competitors? If you don’t know your competitors, research about them and write down about those websites that you like. This will help you to know what to do and what not tot to do.

The organization of your website

Before you create a website, you should be able to know how the organization of your website will look like. Know how you can put the menu links and how to sequence and phrase them. This includes the, About, Blog, Services, and the Contact. A poorly organized website will not attract new customers or retain the existing customers.

The feel and look of the website

You should understand how the website will feel and look. Determine how you want it look and feel. Choose the best adjectives that will describe the look and feel of the website. This will essential if you decide to hire an expert to build and design your website. For example clean, simple, vibrant and many other adjectives.

The colors of the website

Be you create a website; know how you can choose the colors. Check on one of the websites you like and see the background colors used there. This includes the colors for the links, menu, and headers.

Dark background colors may make it difficult to read a text. A nice color will be pleasing and easy to read texts.

The photos and images

Images are very attractive to customer and can communicate who you are and your business. If you don’t have any, find some from Gather those that you think may work for your website.  This is a very powerful and fast way to communicate.

The font

Choose a friendly font for your website. There are different types of fonts but not all of them are friendly. Different people like different fonts. As soon as you know the audience that you will be addressing, deciding on the font type will be easier. Ensure that your website will look the same on all computers.

These are some of the things you should know as you prepare yourself to create a website. if you can’t create the website yourself, find an expert to do this.

How to prepare yourself to make a website in 2017

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